Scott inspires his audiences with life-changing lessons learned from the belly of the entrepreneurial beast: recognizing the intuitive nudges that inspire us to great things, the power of Fun and how to create a legendary company culture, and how to blow up the barriers we all create that prevent us from realizing our dreams. 



Keynote Speaking


Scott brings his audience along for exhilarating highs and soul-searching lows of a space entrepreneur's journey.

Birthed from an invention made from hardware store parts and a question to NASA; "Think you could use these in space?" the result became Starsys Research, a company of 150 wanna-be rocket scientists that became legendary for its company culture and an unprecedented track record of 3,500 devices in space with zero failures.



Leading at the edge

Adventures in Space Entrepreneurship

Scott takes us on the adventure of a lifetime: creating a space company from scratch. He shares how to recognize and leverage the intuitive nudges that, when pursued with tenacity, can blossom into life-changing opportunity.


Escaping the Entrepreneurs Prison

Many strive for it but few succeed: Creating a cultural DNA that attracts world-class talent and business. Scott shares the counter-intuitive principles that create a company that has people "pounding on the doors" to work for, and to work with


Create Your Legendary Organization

As entrepreneurs create something of great value from nothing but vision and grit, they inevitably build a prison that inhibits success. Scott shares the four barriers entrepreneurs unknowingly create, and how they can be overcome.

Scott's Current Adventure: Katasi


Saving lives by preventing distracted driving.

While 98% of drivers surveyed believe that texting while driving is dangerous, 66% admit to doing it. Groove technology helps drivers change their habits by blocking distractions before they every reach the phone. 


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Leader, Inventor, Father, Storyteller, & Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Connoisseur

Scott Tibbitts is the founder of Starsys Research, eSpace: The Center for Space Entrepreneurship, and Katasi Distracted Driving Solutions. 

After graduating in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, he moved to Boulder, Colorado. 

In 1987 he founded Starsys Research Corporation to bring a promising thermal actuator technology to the spacecraft industry. Starsys became the world's leading provider of mechanisms for spacecraft, and in 2009, the company was acquired by Sierra Nevada Corporation. In March of 2016, the company Scott helped create was awarded a $1B+ contract by NASA to build Dreamchaser, a replacement to the space shuttle. 

Scott was the recipient of the "Esprit Entrepreneur of Distinction" award in 1998, and is the holder of ten patents in technologies as diverse as medical devices, spacecraft products and telecom. 

He is active in the Colorado science and education community and can be found at Colorado Universities and K-12 schools giving talks on entrepreneurship and technology, as well as his favorite topic "Fun with Liquid Nitrogen". 

He is the official storyteller at Niwot Elementary School, and the keyboard player in the garage band "Too Much Fun", renowned for playing the same 40 classic rock songs in the same order for more than 25 years. 

Scott lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife Jackie, son Ryan and daughter Alyssa.


  1. In a prior life, he was a ski bum in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
  2. He aspires to perform stand-up comedy.
  3. His children's names have flown on spacecraft to four planets.
  4. He has flown on NASA's Vomit Comet zero gravity plane three times.
  5. His father, Ted Tibbitts, was the first scientist to grow potatoes in space.
  6. He has a killer recipe for liquid nitrogen ice cream.




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"Where are you traveling? What do you do?"

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