"Scott has the rare ability to be an extremely captivating story teller. I don't know too many people who could captivate an audience quite like he can. I asked Scott to speak to my leadership program and he had the entire group hanging on every word. This is especially challenging to do when you're the last speaker of the day, but Scott had no problems. I would encourage everyone to hear what Scott has to say. His is a story of struggle, triumph, courage and life lessons. Thank you, Scott, for sharing your story with us!"

- Frances Mahoney | Executive, University of Colorado Leeds School of Business


"Scott Tibbitts had the difficult task of being the last speaker of the day during our Entrepreneurship session and following 5 other outstanding speakers. Not only did he rise to the occasion, he was the top-ranked speaker reflected in the participants' evaluations! Scott's passion, knowledge, story-telling ability and humor combined to create an amazing hour. We were all completely engaged and inspired!"

- Robin Miglarese | Associate Director, University of Colorado Leeds School of Business


"Scott Tibbitts is an intrepid and successful entrepreneur who shares his life experience of achieving business success in the face of seemingly inordinate odds. Audiences will be inspired by this very real American Entrepreneurial Success Story."

- Ed Doody | EVP, National Research Center for College and University Admissions


"I am writing to express my appreciation for the talk you gave Thursday night. I found your story both, inspiring and touching. As a matter of fact, by the end of your talk, I was in tears, went up to my room and hugged my 13 year old son... thank you once again, as you helped me to regain a sense of perspective regarding what is truly most important, a message which also hit home with my son."

- Elise M.


"Scott is a powerful and entertaining speaker, relating to his specific audience while drawing on his experience and success. As keynote speaker for an event we held recently, he introduced and set-the-stage for a complex topic beautifully."

- Aleta H. Sherman | Regional Director, CO. Assoc. for Manufacturing and Technology


"There is nothing quite like hearing it from those that have experienced it and lived to talk about it. Scott's story is extraordinary, but more importantly, he has been able to distill his experience into a handful of powerful 'this-is-what-I-wish-I-had-known-earlier' lessons that can truly change emerging businesses."

- Dr. Robert McGowan | Professor of Management, University of Denver


"Scott is a captivating and inspirational speaker whose life lessons touch the entrepreneur in us all, whether we are creating a business or crafting our lives. His unique ability to make a personal connection with his audience no matter what size, allows us all to share in the adventure, apply the lessons learned to their lives, and leave smiling and energized to take our own next steps."

- Sharon King | Director, Boulder Small Business Development Center


"Scott Tibbitts is the rare speaker with whom an audience truly connects - where the speaker's energy, enthusiasm and knowledge is conveyed in such a way that those present readily relate, no matter the perspective from which they come. Through the story he tells, Scott is able to convey life-changing lessons in a way that they are not only heard, but also felt."

- Kim Burquest | CEO, Adams Coporation